Amazon started as a book seller, and with this campaign they wanted to reignite the love of reading, something they recognized was already starting to happen in certain circles during the pandemic lockdown.
But for the majority, today's bite-sized social media consumption is where it's at. No surprise, but this new media reality has led to an increasing population of decelerating readers. #YouJustStartedaBook was a simple, playful and clever contextual media idea that reignited the love of reading by meeting people where they are. Riffing off of the most consumed social content types and platforms, we created a highly contextual placements with excerpts from all kinds of books.  
From Spotify music lovers to Instagram foodies, from to Tik-Tok Fashion followers to YouTube sneaker-heads, from Twitch gamers to streaming entertainment bingers, we got them to start a book and enticed them to keep reading by simply clicking them onward to title they started on Amazon books. 

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