14 Cannes Lions. YouTube's Top 3rd Ad of The Decade. And a world of difference.

Using #Likeagirl as an insult is common place across many cultures. It's a hard knock against any girl, especially during puberty when most girls experience a confidence crisis and begin to understand the negative intent. We designed the social experiment with P&G's Always to expose the pervasive gender bias and to begin an epic battle to reverse it. The film was unscripted, but we had a hypothesis. We believed that if we asked adult women and men to show us what it looks like to do things #Likeagirl, the insult would come out. But that young, uninhibited girls would give it their all. The results of the experiment were caught on film. By making people aware of the issue and the common bias, we hope to forever change #Likeagirl to mean incredibly strong and amazing things.

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